A non profit organisation whereby 100% donations are used to make a difference to the lives of the less fortunate. ‘MAKING A DIFFERENCE’ stands for social justice in any way or form.

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At MENSPIRE we believe that in order to receive, we must be able to give and therefore have always had a goal of building up our brand and eventually be able to utilise the platform as a foundation to give back to others, mainly those who are less fortunate and more in need. As a company we have always kept charity close to our hearts both locally and globally.



SPOT (Supporting The People Of Tomorrow) is a charity organisation which was founded in 2016. The concept behind SPOT is to give the less fortunate children, those that are malnourished, living in poor conditions with no parenting figure in their lives a helping hand. It's SPOTS goal to provide state of the art accommodation and high level of education, just as we have it. Work had begun to make this happen in late 2016 when SPOT had invited our directors of MENSPIRE, Sam & Josh, to The Smiling Coast Of Africa, The Gambia

MENSPIRE Gambia Project

MENSPIRE Gambia Project

Promoting and capturing our charity work on our social platforms led us to the connection of MENSPIRE and SPOT Charity. SPOT (Supporting The People Of Tomorrow) is a charity organisation...

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