Our education has now just become even more intimate – designed specifically for the individual. With private education we offer anything from 1 day to 5 days or even an ongoing programme as you require.


The reason why we’ve decided to offer 1/2/1 education is because we know how hard it is to digest information. In some cases, you feel you’ll get more from it and want to test yourself with intense training guided by one of our professional educators. Or maybe you don’t mind group classes but this time you want to get up close and personal and guarantee your asking the right questions with no surrounding judgement.


The way we approach the 1/2/1 service is by building a relationship beforehand either via personal or telephone consultation.
We assess your needs and focus on…
Strengthening your weaknesses and building on your strengths. We will design a curriculum that best fits your requirements whether it’s for 1 day or more or a re occurring programme. How you want to see your development is a combination of what you feel you need within your skill set and what we believe will bring you to your next level.


What can we offer? All of our educators are extremely professional and compassionate towards your learning needs… the way we see it is.. if you grow, we grow, and growing together is aligned with our philosophy.
From anything from improving your scissor work, clipper work, understanding theory, capitalising on social media, business skills, team management. Mentorship we have it all waiting for you to fully discover what it’s going to take to enable you to reach your potential



    £500 +VAT


For those who can’t commit to a full day or want to target their education in smaller doses we are now offering 2.5 hour sessions. A personal training kind of way where you can really break down your budget and your knowledge intake to allow you to digest information at your own pace.

It might work better for you to visit us after work? We also hold tailored time frames that about your schedule. Want to do 8-10:30 PM or even 9-11:30AM?

It's all possible at MENSPIRE Academy - there are no limitations.

Want to bring a friend?
That's absolutely fine. Contact us now for a full quote!